"Social" intranet at Porsche thanks to MHP and FAKTOR 3


Innovative intranet platform at Porsche!

MHP has implemented an innovative intranet platform - "Carrera Online" - at Porsche together with the communications agency FAKTOR 3 from Hamburg. This platform, which is based on the social business software "Jive", integrates social network functions and thus opens up new information, interaction and collaboration options to the employees of the sports car manufacturer.

Dr. Josef Arweck, Head of Internal Communications at Porsche AG: "Internal communication is an important topic for Porsche as part of the growth process for Strategy 2018; the new intranet platform is a key part of this. With "Carrera Online", our employees will now be able to direct catch up with what's going on, network, exchange information/ideas and better work together across hierarchy levels, specialist departments and locations."

Porsche started planning the new platform at the start of 2012. In addition to MHP, support was also provided by the communications agency FAKTOR 3, which developed the design acc. to the specifications of Porsche. MHP was able to perfectly map the complex technical requirements and thus establish an ultramodern and flexible platform, which Porsche will also use for additional social business and social media projects.

Mirko Rajs, Associated Partner at MHP and responsible for the area Individual Development and Social Business: "The fact that all those involved collaborated closely and continuously communicated with each other - in the best social business manner - was decisive for the success of the project. We were thus already able to complete "Carrera Online" before the set deadline."

Since December of last year, around 15,000 employees of Porsche AG and its German subsidiaries now have access to the new intranet platform. In the first expansion stage, the new intranet represents - above all - a modern news portal, via which the employees are provided with up-to-date company information as well as a wide range of data, facts and tools.

In expansion stage 2 (from the middle of 2013), "Carrera Online" will develop to become a personalised information and knowledge portal. Using the interaction functions, it will then be possible - for example - to comment and recommend articles in the intranet. Additional department, division- and location-specific areas will also be added.

With expansion stage 3 (from the end of 2013), the intranet platform will become a social enterprise network. Various collaboration features – e.g. wikis, discussion forums, blogs and social groups – will allow the employees to jointly work on projects and directly exchange information and ideas with each other.

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