Porsche receives the DiALOG Award


With MHP as its implementation partner, Porsche AG was acclaimed with the DiALOG Award 2014 for its “Carrera Online” project.







Frankfurt, 22.05.2014 - "Carrera Online" is an excellent concept for sustainable corporate communications with interactive networking in the sense of enterprise information management. The project was realised by Porsche AG with MHP as the implementation partner, and was acclaimed with the "Excellence with EIM 2014" DiALOG Award at a ceremonial gala in Frankfurt on 22nd May 2014. 


The DiALOG Award is a prize for sustainability. It is an accomplishment awarded for making an "excellence" contribution to the sustainable achievement of efficiency, sequence stability, risk minimisation and compliance. It rewards structured overarching approaches, methods or work for the long-term measurable success of organisational sequences in the environment of agilely changing corporate processes.

Those overarching approaches, methods or work for the long-term measurable success of organisational sequences were nominated for the arward that result in a sustained improvement of corporate processes - by using intelligent solutions and concepts implemented practically. The quality and sustainabiltiy in the practice of the processes were at the forefront, and specifically not IT.

National an international high-quality applications from the widest range ofcorporate divisions such as finance, sales/marketing, corporate communications, legal, compliance, IT and purchasing werde presented to the expert jury.

With Carrera online, Porsche AG was able to outperform its competitors and accept the prize of the DiALOG Award 2014.

We at MHP congratulate Porsche AG for this award. We are also proud that we as an implementation partner were able to play a part in contributing to the success of the project.

You can learn more about the DiALOG Award 2014 here.
























































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