Partnership of MHP and True Energy


Together for intelligent and sustainable mobility

Ludwigsburg/Copenhagen – With the increasing electrification of global infrastructure, the current focus is on debating how we can charge our E-Vehicles (EV’s) with low emission electricity at a low cost while also not overloading the local power supplier network. The completion of the holistic consulting approach of MHPs and TransnetBWs partnership and its sub brand Intelligent Energy System Services (IE2S) for the development of a cross-sector and industrial electricity crosslinking through True Energy’s digital solution for low emission and inexpensive energy for charging EVs and the coordination of charging points of local and regional grid stability, complete the end-to-end value chain for sustainable electrical infrastructure.

The symbiosis of this holistic approach and True Energy’s application is aimed at all EV driver, manufacturers and service providers of EVs and/or e-fleets, whose mobility behavior and infrastructure are facing a major upheaval during and after the energy and mobility transition and are looking for an intelligent and sustainable power supply and grid. In the course of this partnership with True Energy, their innovative solution will be translated to the German system operators and energy suppliers through IE2S and put the use for our customers – the link between transmission system operators and mobility is already an integral part of our world.

“This collaboration opens up new opportunities for anyone looking for making their energy use more climate-friendly – not to mention cheaper. Consumers want to contribute making the energy grid of the future as green as possible. Thanks to our new strategic partnership with MHP, can make this possible for even more people across the globe”, Charlotte Blou Sand, Founder of True Energy. “Together, we offer an end-to-end approach that covers everything from strategic design through the technical development and the final solution to our customer for a free of discrimination and sustainable answer. This Partnership shows them the best way to address the energy- and mobility change. The automotive and energy industry are walking hand in hand“, Dr. Dominique Gross, Associated Partner and Head of MHP IE2Sof MHP.

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