MHP under top 10 most recommended IT service providers


MHP is one of the top 10 IT service providers based on the sector-independent consultancy check of the WirtschaftsWoche magazine

Companies are increasingly handing over the design and implementation of complex IT projects, e.g. the evaluation and strategic use of large data volumes, Internet solutions as well as outsourcing administrative tasks to IT service providers.

Companies can lower their costs using IT service providers – IT consultancy firms are, as a result, in great demand. This is the secret behind the huge increase in turnover of 11.2% in this sector in Germany between 2010 and 2011 according to data from the information provider company Lünendonk GmbH. Evaluations indicate that business significantly increased again in 2012.

The WirtschaftsWoche magazine searched for the top 10 most recommended IT service providers in Germany by asking the following question "Which of the following IT service providers would your company recommend to another company for a cooperation?" Decision-makers from the 1,500 largest companies as well as the 100 biggest banks and insurance companies were surveyed here.

MHP came in at number 9 and is thus one of the top 10 most recommended IT service providers and one of the "much sought after heavy hitters" in this sector according to the survey of the WirtschaftsWoche magazine.

Ranking list for top 10 IT service providers based on WirtschaftsWoche survey

1. IBM    
2. T-Systems   
3. Capgemini Deutschland 
4. Accenture   
5. Hewlett-Packard  
6. CSC    
7. Adesso (Group) 
8. Materna (Group)  
9. Mieschke Hofmann Partner 
10. msg Systems   

MHP has thus, once again, demonstrated its outstanding skills and excellent quality as a consultancy firm.

Source: WirtschaftsWoche, issue no. 9

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