MHP signs Charter of Diversity


Diversity is a high priority

In September, the Management and IT consultancy MHP signed the Charter of Diversity – an initiative to promote diversity within the workplace. This puts MHP on the list of renowned companies, including VW and Porsche, BMW and Daimler, SAP and Bosch. They all share the goal of anchoring diversity in business and society and promoting diversity in day-to-day practice.


It is diversity that makes MHP successful


Dr. Ralf Hofmann, CEO of MHP: "Our official commitment to promoting diversity both internally and externally puts diversity back into the spotlight at MHP. For us at MHP, diversity is a matter of course. Our purpose "Enabling You To Shape A Better Tomorrow" lives from diversity – the diversity of our employees' experiences, the diversity of possibilities and perspectives available to us, and the diversity of customers and partners that we support. Diversity is what makes us successful."


For this reason, diversity is a high priority in the strategic orientation of MHP. In addition to the MHPStrategy2025, the consulting company has defined ten interdepartmental strategies within which the "Diversity" stream is anchored. Christiane Sagkob, Member of the Board of Management, Partner and Head of Business Excellence at MHP, is responsible for its implementation: “With Ralf’s and my signature – also on behalf of the entire MHP Board and the entire partnership – we are committing to appreciate and promote diversity not only internally, but also – now officially – externally. It is quite clear to us that in doing so we are self-committing on a larger scale, which we are happy to be measured by.”


High standards for MHP itself


“We thrive on diverse employees who want to help us advance this company. We definitely do not under­stand diversity as a rigid distribution tool by quota, but rather see it as diversity in action. And it is precisely that kind of diversity that makes an excellent company.”, explains Christiane Sagkob. At MHP, the expectation is that diversity is a matter of course and becomes normality. Concrete projects include, for example, web-based diversity trainings for managers and employees at MHP. Dr. Ralf Hofmann: “The  charter is also a showcase for a wide variety of best practice examples in the field of diversity. We exchange ideas, can learn from each other and with one another. But ultimately it also serves as call to all colleagues: be courageous and stand up for your own cause! We are appreciative of your different experiences and perspectives. They make us who we are. OneMHPTeam.“


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