MHP RIESEN in the BEKO BBL playoffs!


MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg are one of the best 8 teams in the BEKO Basketball Bundesliga and will face FC Bayern Munich in the playoffs.

Ludwigsburg, May 1, 2014 – After a thrilling season in the BEKO Basketball Bundesliga, the MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg team has - with a total of 18 wins - achieved a superb 8th place in the standings and has thus - for the first time in 7 years - again qualified for the BEKO BBL playoffs, which is contested between the top 8 basketball teams in Germany.

Our opponents in the playoffs, which will start on May 10/11, is the current top team in the league, FC Bayern Munich. The team with the higher position in the standings has home advantage for the first game. The quarter-finals have a best of five format. In other words, the first team to win 3 games proceeds to the semi-finals. The dates for the quarter-final games between MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg and FC Bayern Munich are as follows:

1st game: May 10, 19:30 in Munich (AUDI Dome)
2nd game: May 13, 18:05 in Ludwigsburg (MHPArena)
3rd game: May 15, 20:00 in Munich (AUDI Dome)
Optional 4th game: May 18 in Ludwigsburg (MHPArena)
Optional 5th game: May 21 in Munich (AUDI Dome)

Tickets are already available for the first three games!

We are very proud of our MHP RIESEN team, which consists of our coach John Patrick and our players:

Michael Stockton, 185 cm: point guard (07.05.1989)
Coby Karl, 196 cm: shooting guard (08.06.1983)
Keaton Grant, 193 cm: shooting guard (08.12.1986)
Shawn Huff, 198 cm: small forward (05.05.1984)
C.J. Harris, 191 cm: point guard/s-guard (19.02.1991)
Adam Waleskowski, 203 cm: power forward (19.11.1982)
Patrick Flomo, 203 cm: power forward/center (19.07.1980)
Mario Stojic, 198 cm: s-guard/small forward (06.05.1980)
Gary McGhee, 208 cm: center (28.10.1988)
Robert Tomaszek, 205 cm: power forward/center (16.06.1981)
Tim Koch, 196 cm: small forward (01.02.1989)
Johannes Joos, 204 cm: power forward (11.01.1995)
Takumi Ishizaki, 188 cm: point guard (06.07.1984)
Amadi McKenzie, 201 cm: power forward (17.08.1986)

Our coach John Patrick is looking forward to the BEKO BBL playoffs: "I am very proud of how our regular season has gone. The team has a great chemistry and the players have been rewarded for their good progress and hard work by reaching the first playoff round."

Our RIESEN fans have also played an important role in the current success of the RIESEN team. Overall, you have this season set a new attendance record at the MHPArena!

The record from last season has been significantly bettered over the course of the season. A total of 63,937 fans attended our 17 home games in the MHPArena during the Beko BBL season 2013/2014.

Over the season, this means that an average of 3,761 fans attended the home games in the MHPArena. This amounts to an increase of 12.5% in comparison to last season.

This new attendance record was already firmly established for the MHP RIESEN in the first half of the season. In the second half of the season, an average of 4,045 fans again streamed into the MHPArena. There were over 4,000 fans at 5 games in the second half of the season!

The Chairman of the MHP RIESEN, Alexander Reil, is also very pleased about the highest attendance record in the club's history: "We are delighted about the fantastic fan support this season. I would like to extend a huge thanks to all the visitors and fans for their support!"

Overview of our average attendance:

Total attendance (2013/2014): 63,937 l Average (2013/2014): 3,761
First half of season (9 home games): 31,581 spectators l Average 3,509
Second half of season (8 home games): 32,356 spectators l Average 4,045
Last season (2012/2103): 56,831 spectators l Average 3,343 

A HUGE thanks to our RIESEN team and RIESEN fans!

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