MHP opens lab at headquarters in Ludwigsburg


MHPLab – Research for the digital future

Ludwigsburg – Last Thursday, the management and IT consulting company MHP opened its new MHPLab in Ludwigsburg. In the almost 600-square-meter innovation workshop, MHP employees, partners and customers not only have the opportunity to develop ideas on a flipchart. In the Makerspace, they can also design, build and test prototypes, with which they can then collect data that depict reality and are used in the digital process. The tools necessary for this purpose, such as milling machines, 3D printers and soldering irons, are just waiting to be picked up. Primarily, it's about collecting information from data, converting it to knowledge and ultimately developing concrete applications. Applications that bring real benefits to companies. Dr. Ralf Hofmann, founder, shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Management of MHP: "We at MHP are always anxious, in our projects and in everything we do, to think beyond providing a solution. We constantly pursue the aim of finding already today the answers to the questions of tomorrow. We therefore understand the importance of providing space for innovations, and the power of the innovative capacity of our employees and in the partnership and cooperation with our customers and partners." Oliver Kelkar, Associated Partner at MHP and Head of the MHPLab in Ludwigsburg, says: "The content focuses on the themes of future mobility and smart city – in connection with trends such as the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence. For this purpose, we want to create and press ahead with new solutions and services for their possible use in practice. The MHPLab in Ludwigsburg is an ideal location for this, because it is oriented towards interdisciplinary cooperation and offers the necessary scope." Werner Spec, the Mayor of Ludwigsburg, sees this as a real must in order to help shape the digitalization process and, ultimately, to be one of the winners: "The extent of technological innovation and the digital transformation has assumed dimensions, but above all a dynamic force and complexity, that humanity has presumably never experienced before. This development is giving rise to fear in society. But we cannot cope with digitalization, let alone stop it, with fear. One can only help shape this process. Which means we must become actively and intensively involved." For questions and interviews on the Ludwigsburg MHPLab, Dr. Oliver Kelkar is gladly available. If you wish to obtain a direct picture of the work in the Lab, we look forward to your visit.


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