MHP Mobility Atlas 2017


More integration, more innovation, more cooperation

Ludwigsburg – MHP has published the MHP Mobility Atlas 2017 (


<p> It summarizes, outlines and analyzes a total of 338 projects (252 from Germany and 86 from other countries) which are dedicated to various forms of mobility at the city and municipal level. "With this investigation, MHP was interested in finding out how current trends in mobility are reflected in city projects and how well cities are set up to cope with future needs. To put the results into an understandable context, we compared the results for Germany to international cities which are recognized as being progressive in the area of mobility", says Marcus Willand, Associated Partner at MHP and initiator of the Mobility Atlas. Marcus Willand: "We noticed some recurring patterns in our analysis. From these, we derived three core hypotheses and recommendations." The first pattern of note is that most projects are not integrated into a holistic concept. This means that synergies remain unexploited and projects within the city may even get in each other's way. Secondly, digital projects have been the exception until now – even though, in terms of their innovation level, these have the most sustainable effects when it comes to developing a new approach to mobility. And thirdly, we are currently seeing only a small number of partnerships between cities and municipalities on the one side, and players from the business world and the academic/scientific community on the other. This is despite the fact that collaborative partnerships have been proven to be a significant factor in designing urban mobility systems which are fit for the future. Please feel free to contact Marcus Willand for further information or discussion (</p> <link marcus.willand="" /> <p>marcus.willand(at); +49 (0)152 33145067).</p>

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