MHP is New Premium Partner of SG BBM


MHP will be rooting for SG BBM Bietigheim during their first home game in the MHPArena. Their opponent on the day will be HBW Balingen-Weilstetten.

The handballers of SG BBM Bietigheim have been promoted to the Bundesliga and will thus play this season in the strongest league in the world! After being promoted to the 2nd Bundesliga division in 2005, the team under trainer Hartmut Mayerhoffer, was 9 years later, able to record its greatest success to date by winning promotion to the Bundesliga.

Last season, SG BBM still played the majority of its home games in the Bietigheim "Halle am Viadukt" and only played selected games in the MHPArena Ludwigsburg. This season, however, the team will play half of their games in the MHPArena. The first home game in the MHPArena, which will take place on Sunday, 28.09.2014 at 17:15, will be against Balingen-Weilstetten and will thus also be a Württemberg derby!

With 7:5 points, Balingen is sitting comfortably in 6th position in the table and has - amongst others - already beaten the championship record-holder from Kiel. While SG BMM, with 2:10 points, is fighting at 18th position in the table to ensure its season objective of staying in the Bundesliga.

MHP is, since 2013, the main sponsor and naming rights sponsor of the basketball team MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg. SG BMM is, in addition to the MHP RIESEN, the second Bundesliga home team of the MHPArena. The MHPArena is thus one of the few sporting venues in Germany that is home to two Bundesliga teams from different sports.

Ingo Guttenson, Marketing manager at MHP, is delighted about this development and that MHP is now also a premium partner of SG BBM. ".”

MHP is looking forward to cheering on the many goals of SG BBM – also from MHPemployee Julius Emrich – and to the start of many successful home games in the MHPArena.
You can get tickets for the game SG BBM Bietigheim vs. HBW Balingen-Weilstetten >here.






























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