MHP going to Walldorf!


New MHP office opened near SAP

MHP has, this month, opened a new location in Walldorf, thus showing its strong commitment to SAP. We are now even closer to SAP, something which will allow the contact between our two companies to be come even closer. Constant high consultancy quality and close proximity are important factors to our customers. There are now currently 11 MHP offices in Germany, Switzerland and the USA waiting to fulfill your requirements!

On the other hand, MHP can now offer its employees in the area around Walldorf the appealing option of a "local" MHP office. Overall, this further strengthens MHP and is an important step in the right direction towards implementing the "moveMHP" growth strategy.

You can find the new MHP office in the Partnerport, Altrottstrasse 31, D-69190 Walldorf.


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