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Dr. Markus Junginger is a new Associate Partner at MHP

Ludwigsburg – At the start of January Dr. Markus Junginger joined MHP as an Associate Partner. Markus Junginger, who holds a doctorate in quantitative economics, brings his experience and knowledge in the fields of Behavioral Economics and Operations Research to MHP. Markus Junginger was previously a Lead Partner at Gallup and Executive Vice President at Alexander Proudfoot. Following his doctorate the 45-year-old also conducted intensive research on how the effectiveness in companies – particularly at the interfaces between processes, organization, behavior, and IT – can be increased.

Markus Junginger: "Today most companies are still driven by the goal of lowering costs – and only examine where they can save a few seconds in production. In my opinion, management should also look at where the actual shortages or difficulties are that are restricting the performance flow of organizations. Then employees can be used productively and motivated to achieve excellent results – in line with processes and IT. The academic canon is now huge. To date, however, this has had very little effect in practice." Markus Junginger wants to change this with MHP. In addition to the automotive industry, he also has his eyes on all producing industries – namely development and production. "For example, there is ample evidence that cognitive work such as engineering is much more effective when there does not have to be constant changes between tasks. Structures which prevent multitasking, however, are not really established anywhere."

Markus Junginger made the conscious decision to move to MHP. For him MHP is one of the few consulting firms in Germany which can support companies end-to-end: from the strategy to the processes through to the implementation. "In this environment with my knowledge, to be able to give some fresh impetus, thus creating added value for the customer, was what attracted me."

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