MHP boss Dr. Ralf Hofmann is the second most popular manager in Germany


Glassdoor ranking "Most popular manager in Germany in 2018"

Ludwigsburg – Dr. Ralf Hofmann, founder, shareholder and Chairman of the Board of MHP, lies in second place in the ranking


<p>"Most popular manager in Germany in 2018" of the leading jobs and career platform Glassdoor. He was already one of the top 10 CEOs in Germany last year – he was ranked 9th at the time. MHP also took the second spot in the current Glassdoor ranking "Best company in Germany". After Dieter Zetsche from Daimler was the most popular manager in Germany last year, with Harald Krüger from BMW a CEO of an automotive group was once again chosen by his employees as the most popular manager this year. Dr. Ralf Hofmann: "I am extremely proud that our employees hold MHP as an employer and me as the company's CEO in high regard and rate us so positively. For me the result is an extremely valuable award and the ranking is an incentive for me to ensure that every employee continues to feel at home in our company and can develop together with MHP." The Glassdoor ranking is based on the voluntary and anonymous reporting of employees from different companies. On the portal employees can rank their employer, assess their CEO, and answer the question of whether or not they are in favor of their CEO.</p>

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