MHP and Phoron Consulting partner for SAP-Rollouts


SAP-Software to gain a stronger foothold in Latin America

Ludwigsburg/Vienna - Together with Phoron Consulting, the Porsche management and IT consulting subsidiary MHP wants to advance its business with SAP software solutions for companies in Latin America.

Phoron Consulting is a medium-sized SAP consulting company and supports companies, among others, with expertise in the technical realization of fiscal and regulatory tasks in implementation and rollout projects, and ongoing support for SAP applications.

There are various challenges for companies with a location in Latin America regarding tax payments, electronic invoicing and legal reporting. "Legal regulations are constantly changing in Latin America, this also affects business software solutions in global SAP systems," says Phoron Managing Director Gernot Stöger-Knes.

Digitalization trend in Latin American authorities

Latin America is seen as a pioneer in electronic invoicing and tax reporting. In many Latin American countries, companies are required to electronically send tax-related documents to the authorities. Brazil has already raised $ 58 billion in taxes through these measures. Through the combined synergy of SAP expertise in the area of management and IT consulting, the partnership between MHP and Phoron aims to support companies in coping with the advancing digitalization. In the course of this partnership, the collective marketing of Phoron's SAP solutions for joint international customers will serve as a foundation. It is visible worldwide where the global development is heading. Away from the paper world towards digitization and automation of business and tax documents.

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