MHP and Celonis Collaborate on Process Mining


More Efficient Business Processes

Ludwigsburg, Germany – For end customers and companies alike, digital transformation signifies greater efficiency and transparency, as well as enhanced flexibility and quality. Since business processes are increasingly digitalized from end to end, new approaches to fulfill these expectations are emerging. Process mining is one of these approaches – a method of using the data generated by digital procedures to reconstruct, analyze and ultimately improve processes over the long term. Management and IT consultancy MHP and process mining market leader Celonis have teamed up to help companies utilize the full potential for data-based and AI-based approaches to add value to their digitalization and Industry 4.0 strategies.

In its role as a consultancy with a focus on mobility and manufacturing, MHP contributes extensive process expertise, while Celonis brings the world’s leading process mining and process excellence technology to the partnership. This technology helps organizations to visualize and evaluate their IT-based data before optimizing existing business processes with a focus on resource efficiency across operational systems, disciplines and locations. The partnership offers customers a special advantage in the sense that companies can use data to better understand their business processes, take action and drive change, resulting in millions of dollars of savings and an improved experience for their customers. Objective findings are interpreted by experts and then transformed into effective modifications to business processes. The effect of these modifications can then be captured and evaluated using data, thus facilitating a continuous improvement process (CIP) based not only on the input-output relationship, but also on the details recorded within the individual steps of a business process.

“Process mining delivers significant added value by helping companies uncover inefficiencies, identify real-time process improvement measures and continuously monitor these measures. I’m confident that our work with MHP will make a huge difference to our customers and help them work more efficiently with better use of their resources,” says Bastian Nominacher, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Celonis.

Caspar Koltze, Partner Manager at MHP for Celonis SE, says: “Together, we are taking process consulting to a new level to give our customers the best insights and optimization suggestions for their processes. This symbiosis of both competencies is incredibly important, particularly for S/4 transformation projects.”

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