MHP among the top 10 consultancy firms!


MHP came in at number 9 of the most recommended IT consultancy firms in the current issue of the WirtschaftsWoche magazine.

The publishers of the survey, which was sent to the 1500 largest companies and the 100 biggest financial services companies from a wide range of sectors, are the WirtschaftsWoche magazine and the company Faktenkontor GmbH. The most important question in this large-scale survey was "Which of the following IT service providers would your company recommend to other companies for a cooperation?" 13% of those surveyed replied the consultancy expertise of MHP to this question. 

The large and gratifying number of recommendations shows that MHP even enjoys a sector-independent high level of brand awareness and popularity! This is more proof that our customers are very satisfied with their cooperation with MHP and have a high level of confidence in our services and expertise.

(WirtschaftsWoche l 02.01.2014)

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