Industry 4.0: Join the 4th Industrial Revolution


Established process and IT expertise is the key to the success of the (r)evolution towards an agile networked industrial production.

Ludwigsburg, 24.06.2014 – You need to know the trends of tomorrow already today, if you want to position your company so that you are best equipped to face the future. A profound change is in the offing for the processes in production companies; this change will, in particular, represent a huge challenge for IT. After mechanisation, mass production and automation, dynamic production networks represent the next stage of the industrial revolution. The merger of the real and virtual world as part of the vision of the future that is “Industry 4.0” will take shape in the form of IT-supported, networked and particularly high-performance “cyber-physical systems”(CPS). Real processes will be combined with intelligent control processes to form a so-called Internet of things and services, which will integrate both the role of persons and all IT processes and globally network these with each other. It will thus, for example, be possible to follow processes with greater attention to detail and create and optimise value-added networks in real time.


MHP sees itself as a trailblazer and mentor for its customers. The revolution is, in this connection, more understood as an evolution in which the prerequisites for tomorrow must already be created today. “Industry 4.0” can thus be broken down into substeps so that it is in a form that can be gradually planned and implemented by companies.
MHP has developed the “Industry 4.0 Assessment” as a consultancy approach in order to make the topic more tangible and indeed understandable to the market and customers. MHP is also working on a vision of the future with an interdisciplinary expert team in an Innovation Community, which devotes itself to analysing changing topics and jointly implementing these in the overall process.

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