Further expansion of the MHP add-on portfolio


Our add-on portfolio will soon have two new members in the SAP area Foreign Trade/ GTS/ Compliance.

Our MHP add-on portfolio will be expanded by the following add-ons once development has been completed and the final release has been issued:

MHP Add-on Supplier's Declaration

The MHP add-on "Supplier's Declaration" shall do away with all the effort normally associated with maintaining long-term supplier's declarations (LTSDs). These shall, in future, be directly sent from the SAP GTS application to the suppliers as an Adobe interactive form. The supplier simply completes the LTSDs online and sends these back to the requesting company. The document, which this company then receives, is automatically incorporated into the SAP GTS LTSD maintenance function.

MHP Add-on Mobile Compliance Manager

The MHP add-on "Mobile Compliance Manager" is a mobile application, which will allow you to promptly and flexibly deal with compliance processes. Blocked business partners and documents can be analysed and processed on the mobile terminal. It is thus ensured that critical processes can be dealt with without delay.

MHP will thus in future offer you, together with the very popular add-on "Customs Control Manager", 3 add-ons in the above-mentioned area.

MHP Add-on Customs Control Manager

The MHP add-on "Customs Control Manager" helps you, as part of the creation of electronic export declarations via the SAP GRC Global Trade Services (SAP GRC GTS) application, to comply with the strict conditions of the legal requirements for the codings to be transmitted and thus speed up the approval of your export processes by the customs authorities.

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