Career Advisor 2011 – Prospects in consultancy


Christoph Joos (partner) is available during the ‘Computer Week’ for any questions on career prospects in the area of consultancy.

In conjunction with 'Computer Week' Christoph Joos (partner at MHP) will answer questions on career prospects in the area of consultancy from 5-19 January 2011 at >
"Career Advisor 2011 – Prospects in Consultancy"
('Computer Week' forum)

Since 2006 Christoph Joos, as a member of management at the process and IT consultancy company, Mieschke Hofmann und Partner (MHP), has been responsible primarily for the area of human resources. After studying law and economic sciences the fully qualified lawyer worked for over ten years as a consultant at the international consultancy company Arthur Andersen & Deloitte in the areas human resources, change management and leadership development. His focal point was on the professional services and automotive industries.

Since 1996 Mieschke Hofmann und Partner, a subsidiary of the Porsche Group, has been supporting companies, primarily in the automotive industry, in organising their business processes as effectively and efficiently as possible. Well-educated, motivated employees who are constantly expanding their qualifications are one of the decisive success factors. For this reason, one of the main tasks of Christoph Joos is creating framework conditions in the company in such a way that they offer the employee the most flexible and individualised career and development opportunities. At MHP, this is evident for example in the diverse career models, learning and development plans, as well as flexible work schedules. This way an excellent balance is struck between the company interests and the individual life plans of the employee.

Whoever wants to pursue a career as a consultant should, according to Christoph Joos, be enthusiastic, flexible and have a desire for permanent change, as well as boast professional know-how.

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