1st place in WirtschaftsWoche competition 2020: Best of Consulting


MHP receives award for a project at Jägermeister

Ludwigsburg - The management and IT consulting firm MHP was once again awarded the "Best of Consulting" prize in the WirtschaftsWoche competition this year. In the category "Organization - Innovation" the company took first place with a project at the herbal liqueur manufacturer Jägermeister. In addition, MHP was awarded the title "prämiert" (award-winning) in the categories "Marketing" and "Technologies".


Together with an interdisciplinary team of Jägermeister and Celonis, a leading provider of execution management systems, MHP has developed and implemented an innovative and data-based approach to business process analysis. The aim is to systematically uncover and eliminate inefficiencies in processes and to anchor the Lean Management concept throughout the entire company.


Bastian Nominacher, co-founder and Co-CEO of Celonis, says: "We are proud that our partner MHP was awarded first place for the project at Jägermeister. The combination of MHP's consulting expertise and our Execution Management Technology enables companies in all industries to maximize their execution capacity".


Objective data instead of subjective observations


The approach implemented at Jägermeister is particularly innovative because the process analysis is based on the evaluation of data by artificial intelligence (AI). The AI determines the best possible solution in each case and suggests how processes can be optimized without manual intervention. Dr. Jan Wehinger, Partner at MHP: "Together with Jägermeister, we have taken a completely new path, relying 100 percent on the analysis of objective data and completely dispensing with the otherwise usual subjective observations and surveys. This not only ensures better results. We were also faster than usual by a factor of 4 to 5 during project implementation".


The central element is a "Digital Process Twin", which maps the real process landscape of Mast-Jägermeister SE and to which data from different source systems are transmitted in real time. The data is condensed into newly defined key performance indicators that can be used to evaluate the processes with regard to Jägermeister's objectives. Target values were defined for the KPIs, with which the actual values are continuously compared. Thus, if necessary, measures for optimization can be initiated quickly. The results of the continuous process analysis are presented in a specially developed Process Dashboard. Those responsible can thus gain a quick and easy overview - of the complex processes of the entire company or of individual process steps.


Efficiency gains convince the BoC jury


Klaus Gerke, Head of Global IT at Mast Jägermeister SE: "With the "Digital Process Twin", and especially with the experience gained from the joint project, we at Jägermeister have now been able to build up a toolset that both supports the monitoring of stable processes and increasingly helps in the design and assessment of planned process changes. This significantly increases efficiency - especially in the early phases of such projects.”


Results that also convinced the jury of the "Best of Consulting" competition. Dr. Oliver Oswald, Partner at MHP: "We have been represented with projects in the WirtschaftsWoche competition "Best of Consulting" every year since 2011 and have already received a whole series of awards. But this has not become a matter of course for us. Every year we are delighted with our success - the awards show the value we create with our projects together with and for our clients. 


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