VR in production

12/05/2019 MHPDeepDive

The use of virtual reality and augmented reality in production

The visualization of production and scenarios by means of virtual & augmented reality (VR & AR) has long been established in marketing and sales. Meanwhile, however, it is also penetrating into areas of production. Technologies involving VR & AR should help to obtain a uniform understanding for future target processes, and to be able to implement optimization before such processes go live. In our MHPDeepDive "VR in production", we will provide an insight into how new production processes can be learned by means of virtual trainings. These trainings are characterized in particular by the provision of a secure and reversible environment at any location. In addition, we will show you the current state of the art in this field, and how production sequences can be defined and tested by means of virtual process design.

This MHPDeepDive will be concerned with the following themes, among others:

  • What do specific cases of training look like in virtual space?
  • What might a process design look like in virtual space?
  • How can new processes be tested and optimized immersively?


Dr. Markus Schütten
Senior Manager | SU BIG

Michael Neumann
Manager | SU BIG


Beginn: 14:00 (CET)
Ende: 14:30 (CET)

Language: German