Talent Mobility and Up-Skilling

06/09/2020 MHPDeepDive

How to establish Skill Management for the Future

Central areas in HR – especially recruiters, personnel managers and developers – face a huge challenge: In the coming years they must push up-skilling and re-skilling to a great extent. Because in the course of digitization the requirements of companies change massively. And therefore also the tasks which the employees complete. OEMs, for example, must not only develop and manufacture vehicles in the future, but also program and make available software on a completely new level. And instead of sophisticated combustion engines they are installing simple electric drives.

The difficulty here is that often the overview of the existing skills and the skills, competencies, and qualifications required in the future is missing. However, if HR departments want to optimally prepare for the future, they should detect skill gaps in good time and take specific action.

This can be achieved with modern skill management geared to the future, which uses intelligent IT tools. On the strategic level they ensure transparency concerning the existing and required skills – which makes possible efficient and effective talent mobility programs. The IT tools also assist on an operational level with the many routine tasks: AI-based skill matching, for example, brings together employees and job with a click or suggests the ideal learnings. This reduces the workload of the HR department, who can then concentrate more on content-related aspects.

In our MHPTuesdayTalk we want to exchange information and ideas with you directly: Also how modern, future-oriented skill management is implemented and what advantages there are for HR departments and companies. We will also answer your questions, discuss your evaluations, and analyze your experiences. We are convinced: An open debate with people who are interested in the same topics and face the same challenges is extremely valuable.

In our MHPTuesdayTalk:

  • Our moderators will introduce themselves
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Christian Frahm
Associated Partner, MHP


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