Social Media Analytics

12/06/2018 MHPDeepDive

Using social media data effectively

Social Media Analytics allows the more unbiased evaluation of larger social media data quantities without excessive stipulations. Relevant software packages are meanwhile available that can be applied to databases. MHP uses Social Media Analytics technologies which provide you with holistic information on customers, your market and your competitors – from millions of online data sources.

Use MHP expertise and your social media data to obtain reliable findings by, among other things, deriving information from them on customer moods or on new trends.

This MHPDeepDive will be concerned with the following themes, among others:

  • What challenges we must face
  • How AI and social media go together
  • What advantages are provided by Social Media Analytics
  • How a customer mood picture is created by means of web/text mining


Michael Schemel
Manager | Big Data Analytics & IoT Technologies

Vanessa Deborah Viellieber
Senior Consultant | Big Data Analytics & IoT Technologies


Beginn: 11:00 (CET)
Ende: 11:30 (CET)

Language: German