smARt Service

10/01/2020 MHPDeepDive

Innovative Service Processing – Supported by AR Technology

When technical defects occur with systems and machines or maintenance is due, usually a highly qualified service technician on location can provide assistance. As an expert, he is familiar with the technical specifications of the machine, and knows how he can provide an accurate diagnosis and what measures are appropriate. However, field service deployment takes time – for scheduling, travel, identification of the cause, spare part procurement and repair. This is problematic for the customer, because sometimes he has to cope with lengthy downtimes. In addition, qualified field service employees are expensive, and their work time is hardly scalable.

With Augmented Reality (AR), time and expense can be saved in event of service requirements, thus increasing the customer benefit. For example, defects can be assessed in advance by tablet or smartphone. The technician is thus optimally prepared and equipped when he goes to the appointment. Furthermore, he can involve additional colleagues or obtain further information on location using his mobile device. AR technologies also make possible the remote identification of replacement parts and the initiation of repairs. The result: Shorter reaction and problem-solving times, reduced travel costs and satisfied customers, whose machines are again operational more quickly.

With our MHPDeepDive "smARt Service", we will show you how field service can become more efficient and effective through the use of AR. You will find out the most important factors for the successful introduction of tailored AR technology, and discover how your internal processes and AR can optimally harmonize. Furthermore, we will present the deployment of an AR-based SPATIAL App using a typical end-to-end case.

What awaits you in our MHPDeepDive:

  • You will learn how service processing can become more efficient and effective by means of innovative AR technology.
  • You will find out how you can prepare for the introduction of AR in service activities, and what processes are particularly affected.
  • We will present the SPATIAL App and show how it can be integrated into the service backend systems.


Christian Klötzel
Senior Manager, MHP

Reinhold Schunn
Senior Manager, MHP


Beginn: 11:00 (CET)
Ende: 11:30 (CET)

Language: German