Smart Factory League


Simplifying the digitisation implementation (IIoT)

A survey published by Microsoft in 2019 found out, that up to 94% of the manufacturers questioned, plan to implement IIOT strategies by 2021. That was before the Covid-19 pandemic and experts are more and more asking themselves if the pandemic will push manufacturers into digitization and the implementation of IIoT strategies faster than before the pandemic.

The Smart Factory League will take up this question in its upcoming web session on 28.05.2020 at 5.00 pm. Together with Experts from the manufacturing industry you will have the opportunity to join this virtual panel to exchange your thoughts and work on solutions how the digitization process could be simplified and what are the best tools and practices for that.

Our MHP and IIoT expert Dr. Tobias Hartenstein, Senior Manager Digital Supply Chain Solutions (DSC), will participate this web session as speaker and will discuss following topics together with exciting personalities from Hitachi, rmc2, etc.:

  • Transformation in times of crisis
  • IOT platform as an enabler for E2E IIoT transformation and smart factory
  • Immersive Use Cases driving IIoT transformation.

We are looking forward to your registration. The web session will be conducted in English.


Beginn: 17:00 (CET)
Ende: 18:30 (CET)

Language: English


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