Pyramid career fair at Augsburg


Come visit us at the Pyramid career fair at the Augsburg - we look forward to meeting you there!

Companies will have the opportunity to present themselves to students and graduates on the campus of the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

Brief description

The Pyramid career fair has been held for over 20 years. The career fair, which takes place once a year on the campus of the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, is organised by the students themselves. Every year in May, the Pyramid team offers a platform for promising communication between business and science under the motto "Knowledge, Practical Experience and Success".


Target group:

Students and graduates from the faculties of computer science and economics at the Augusburg University of Applied Sciences.

Event information

Start: 10:00 (IDLW)
End: 15:00 (IDLW)

Language: German

Event form

Face-to-face event

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