Product development in agile change

03/14/2019 MHPDeepDive

How the transformation into the agile future can succeed

In face of constantly changing market requirements, as well as the lack of specialized employees, many companies are having to change their thinking so that they can overcome the resulting hurdles. In particular for R&D, a shortened time to market, more complex requirements and an agile environment for their employees becomes a central challenge. The core task for many R&D managers is: "What can I do so that we can adapt to this situation for the long term?"

With the MHPDeepDive "Product development in agile change", we will provide you with an answer to this question. On the basis of existing structures and processes, we will establish the agile mindset and generate the motivation for the transformation from classic to agile project processes. Accompanied by experienced coaches, we will set up the first agile projects and support them through to their optimum conclusion. We will thus initiate the agile transformation to greater employee satisfaction and project quality.

This MHPDeepDive will be concerned with the following themes, among others:

  • Agile@R&D is an answer to the challenges of the digital transformation
  • We will show you how you can shape your existing organization and process landscapes in an agile way
  • Employee satisfaction and greater market pressure - a contradiction?


Andreas Feil
Senior Manager | Engineering Performance & Strategy

Daniel Haase
Senior Manager | Engineering Performance & Strategy

Presentation from 14th March 2019

Video from 14th March 2019


Beginn: 11:00 (CET)
Ende: 11:30 (CET)

Language: German