Process Intelligence = Process Mining 2.0?

04/10/2018 MHPDeepDive

Facts, differences and best-practice tools

Everyone's talking about Process Mining. At almost every SAP event, SAP Process Mining by Celonis is presented. And there are also other providers. But are they able to compete? What are the differences? And above all: What has to be done in order to use Process Mining? And what comes next?

In our MHPpitstop "Process Intelligence = Process Mining 2.0?", we will provide answers to all these questions. We will present two efficient tools from SAP and ProcessGold, examine the do's and don'ts for initial projects, and explain how findings can be operationalized. Here, the focus is not on the implementation of root-cause workshops or organizational questions. Above all, we are concerned with how Process Mining can be used on the next level. For Process Mining 2.0 and Operational Process Intelligence form the basic framework for MHP's process intelligence strategy.

This MHPpitstop will be concerned with the following themes, among others:

  • Quick View: What can the solutions from SAP and ProcessGold achieve?
  • Evolution: From Process Mining to Process Intelligence
  • Neutral Event Lake: Why is it necessary?
  • Event Lake and Data Lake: What are the differences?
  • Timing: When is the right time to start?

Stefan Westhäußer
Manager | BIG DATA & IoT Technologies

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