New Work as New Normal

05/12/2020 MHPDeepDive

How to work and collaborate in Times of Corona

"Shutdown", "lockdown, "social distancing". Life in Germany and many other countries has stood still for many weeks. Staying at home is a sign of solidarity. This is also impacting the world of work: Many people at present don't even have the option of working. And those who still can are for the most part doing their jobs from home. Fortunately, this is working quite well thanks to VPN connections and Skype, Teams or Zoom. However: Things aren't working out perfectly – for example, because there is no experience of a sensible dose of virtual meetings and remote organization of employees. So the whole situation is a little bit like jumping into the deep end. Which could have been avoided. Because for some time now there has been an ongoing discussion about new work. But the different aspects, which include, among other things, the flexible arrangement of worktimes and the free choice of work location, have previously been put into practice rather cautiously.

We think that companies should use the current crisis as an opportunity for seriously and consistently establishing new work in their organization. Flexible worktime models, combined with the free choice of work location and modern technical equipment, are a first important step in this direction. However, new work is also about much more: It's about the values of companies and employees, about organizational culture and leadership concepts.

In our MHPTuesdayTalk, we want to talk with you about how such a fundamental transformation can succeed: We will highlight strategic approaches for organizational development, and familiarize you with best practices. And we will provide concrete tips on how you can deal with the challenges arising from the present situation. We will also answer your questions, discuss your evaluations and analyze your experiences. We are convinced: An open debate with people who are interested in the same topics and face the same challenges is extremely valuable.

In our MHPTuesdayTalk:

  • Our moderators will introduce themselves
  • Our moderators will present the topic, provide impulses and highlight the best practices
  • You can exchange ideas and opinions in our MHPCommunity


Jan Appl
Associated Partner, MHP

Stephan Anpalagan
Manager, MHP


Beginn: 16:30 (CET)
Ende: 17:15 (CET)

Language: German