MHP web session: MHP add-on Master Data Cockpit


Hop in, buckle up and get ready to roll with uniform master data!

MHP web session on: Wednesday, 14.09.2011 from 14:00 – 15:00

Master data management is increasingly becoming a success-critical factor for companies.

The introduction of master data management (MDM) thus has far-reaching effects on the operational business activity of the respective company. The relevant various requirements and interests must thus be taken into account during its design.

It is, as a result, particularly important to also achieve "quick wins" using efficient solutions as part of such long-term and strategic projects in order to win over the specialist divisions at an early stage and increase the project acceptance.

The software product "MHP AddOn Master Data Cockpit" supports our customers when it comes to master data harmonisation; this is what we would like to present, demonstrate and discuss with you as part of a nonbinding MHP web session. 

The focus here is, in particular, on the consolidation of the suppliers, commodity groups and materials from different ERP systems. The major added value is offered by the ability to rapidly introduce and use this product not to mention the transparency vis-à-vis the master data.

What awaits you in this MHP web session:

  • We will present the functional scope of our MHP AddOn Master Data Cockpit as part of a live demo
  • You will receive practical examples for the optimal use of the tool
  • We will answer your questions directly during as well as after our presentation

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We look forward to seeing you there!

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Beginn: 14:00 (CET)
Ende: 15:00 (CET)



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