MHPPitstop: Vendor Evaluation

03/19/2013 MHPDeepDive

Develop your strategic suppliers for a successful future

The MHP add-on Vendor Evaluation serves as an instrument for reliably assessing the performance of internal and external suppliers by means of the data available in the system. Optimization potential can thus be identified in a comprehensible manner and subsequently be developed in a targeted manner.
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What awaits you in this web session:

  • Short explanation of the MHP company
  • Typical pain points for most clients about Vendor Evaluation
  • We will talk about the general Vendor Evaluation processes
  • We will present the scope of functions of our MHP add-on Vendor Evaluation to you
  • Live Demo MHP add-on Vendor Evaluation
  • We will directly answer your questions during and after our presentation


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Beginn: 10:00 (EST)
Ende: 11:00 (EST)

Language: English




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