MHPBusinessBreakfast: Digitale Transformation – The winner takes it all

05/05/2017 MHPBusinessBreakfast

Data are the central aspect of digitalization. If you don't have data under control, you've barely got a future. But for anyone who compiles, collects and evaluates data systematically, great opportunities will open up!

For example, the agricultural machinery manufacturer Claas. The company based in Harsewinkel, Westfalia, equips its machines with sensors so that, for example, they can analyze soil quality in the field and then calculate the optimum quantity of fertilizer in real time. You can find out about Claas's ambitious Big Data strategy and how the company is pursuing its objective at our MHPBusinessBreakfast.

Furthermore, we will report on how you can lay the optimum technological foundation for the digital transformation with S/4HANA. The real-time ERP suite is not yet very widespread – in our view, an omission.

Finally, we will discuss with you the new opportunities that are opening up with new hardware and new technologies. Precondition: Companies must be prepared to invest and take risks. In this respect, the USA is one step ahead – we need a rapid change in our thinking and actions.


  • 08.30 Uhr: Check-in
  • 09.00 Uhr: Data Business – New business models due to digitalization | Alf Porzig, Associated Partner, MHP
  • 10.00 Uhr: S/4HANA as a foundation stone for the digital transformation | Andreas Krieg, Senior Manager, MHP
  • 10.30 Uhr: Sausage breakfast
  • 11.30 Uhr: Turning away from the use-case-driven economy | Fabian Kehle, Senior Consultant, MHP
  • 12.00 Uhr: Conclusion and time for networking

We look forward to enjoying a tasty sausage breakfast with you and starting the day with interesting conversations.


Beginn: 09:00 (CET)
Ende: 12:00 (CET)

Language: German


Face-to-face event


Tristanstr. 5
D-90461 Nürnberg