MHPBusinessBreakfast "AI as Enabler" in Ludwigsburg

09/18/2018 MHPBusinessBreakfast

From data to values – AI as Enabler

could previously only be performed by humans – because the machines are intelligent in the true sense of the word and can make decisions. And what's more: As machines can process much more data than humans, completely new scenarios are possible - for example, the exact prognosis for the sale of individual car models.

We would like to discuss with you what exactly AI is, how it differs from other technologies and what potential it has. During a breakfast in an informal atmosphere at our MHPBusinessBreakfast on 18.09.2018 in Ludwigsburg. We are pleased to invite you to participate!

What awaits you:

09.10:From data to values – A.I. as Enabler
Johannes Keller, Senior Consultant at MHP, will provide an overview of the extensive topic of artificial intelligence and place the technology in its context. This includes working out the special potential of AI and describing the benefits for companies.
09.35:AI-based noise and vibration analyses: From the coffee machine to the use case Using a coffee machine, Stefan Muderack - Senior Consultant at MHP - will show how an algorithm learns to hear and detects audio-based signals better and better through deep learning. In addition, the way from the prototype in the lab to a scalable product will be explained.
11.00:Using social media data effectively – AI-based analyses in Customer Relationship Management
Customers express opinions on products and companies on the various social media platforms. By means of web and text mining, the statements can be condensed to form an opinion gage, which is extremely valuable for customer contact. Michale Schemel, Manager at MHP, will present methods that are used successfully.
11.20:MHPLab and Accelerator Program
Holger Eder, Sales Director at MHP, will highlight the benefits of the MHPLab and explain the Accelerator Program. In this connection, MHP supports its customers in cooperation with start-ups and helps them take innovations and joint projects back to the organization.
11.45:Conclusion and networking

We look forward to starting the day with you at our MHPBusinessBreakfast in Ludwigsburg.


Beginn: 08:30 (CET)
Ende: 12:00 (CET)

Language: German


Face-to-face event


MHPOffice Ludwigsburg
Film- und Medienzentrum
Königsallee 49
71638 Ludwigsburg