MHPPitstop: Contract Data Management


Specific SAP transaction for recording contract meta data!

Contract meta data can now be recorded via its own SAP transaction thanks to the MHP add-on Contract Data Management. The Contract Data Management meta data is connected to the digital data of the contract (scan) via a link. The option exists to scan the contracts centrally or locally in order to connect them with the meta data (barcode).

All of a company's contracts can thus be stored centrally via the MHP add-on Contract Data Management. The solution allows you to integrate already existing SAP master data, such as debitors and creditors, as contract partners. The transaction data, such as framework contracts, can also be uploaded into the Contract Data Management add-on in an automated manner.

The solution offers a very comprehensive authorisation concept to accordingly safeguard sensitive data. Contracts from all fields can be selected via the integrated search function. There are, in each case, coordinated workflow scenarios for resubmission dates, termination dates and the expiration of contracts.

What awaits you in this web session:

  • How was the product developed at MHP?
  • A system demo in the MHP system
  • An outlook into the new functions
  • Questions & discussion


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