MHP web session: Business Message Archive


Archiving electronic documents (EDI) in line with legal requirements

Since 2002, companies have been obliged to archive their tax-relevant electronically transmitted business documents (EDI documents and e-mails) according to the same specifications, which apply for paper-based communication.

This has to be realised in a complete (i.e. no gaps), comprehensible and auditproof manner. All the protocols, used programs and conversion specifications must be documented in addition to the actual messages and it must be possible to restore these, at any time, upon request. Tax assessments may follow if these requirements are not fulfilled.

The process and IT consultancy firm Mieschke Hofmann und Partner (MHP) has developed the SAP-based Business Message Archive add-on in order to support companies with regard to archiving their business documents in line with the legal requirements.

What awaits you:

  • Brief welcoming speech from the Head of Software Products – Carsten Weber
  • Introduction to how the add-on works – Stefan Westhäußer
  • Live demonstration of the Business Message Archive – Stefan Westhäußer
  • Open Q&A session


14:00 - 15:00, web session

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