MHP pit stop: Product cost management


Managing a cost-oriented product development via a target and end-result process


The competitive capacity of products significantly depends on the decisions made during product development, as the effects of these are felt over the entire product life cycle. A methodology for a market- and customer-oriented cost planning and control is required in the product development process to meet this challenge. A target-oriented product cost management is thus used in the product development process for cost planning, which aims to influence the costs in the phase in which the greatest effects can be achieved.

Non-coordinated processes as well as non-heterogeneous account code structures and IT systems result in significant difficulties in the synchronisation of these processes as well as in ensuring the transparency, up-to-dateness and availability of relevant cost information. Strategic targets are thus missed; you also have a poor reasoning in price negotiations and there is a lack of traceability in terms of the internal cost structures. An inefficient product cost managment thus deprives you of the basis for competitive prices and means you will have dissatisfied customers and untapped sales potentials.

What awaits you in this web session:

  • We will describe a target scenario, which is based on an integrated product model, from the perspective of typical customer situations 
  • We will present the defined fields of action of the MHP target costing and describe the required procedure, including the associated phases
  • We will show you the integration of a target costing solution in existing IT landscapes within the MHP IT sphere of competence 
  • We will answer your questions directly during and/or after our presentation


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