MHP is there - BDEW electromobility promotion day "Journey into the green"


Exciting marketplace with innovative solutions

Electromobility is currently a hotly disputed subject:

  • Is there a sufficient amount of green electricity for millions of electric cars?
  • The number of charging stations is insufficient!
  • Will the electricity grid collapse under the strain of millions of electric cars?

For many, opinions on the topic of electromobility differ greatly. But how mobility is transforming and what role MHP is playing in the process is just what our "Intelligent Energy System Services" (IE2S) experts will be happy to explain to you on September 6 at the MHPOffice Ludwigsburg, located in the "Film- und Medienzentrum". An exciting marketplace with innovative solutions awaits you in the winter garden.

We will start off the promotion day in the winter garden at 2:00 pm with a keynote speech by Dr. Dominique Gross, who will introduce "IE2S" cooperation and will provide a forecast on coming topics and projects. Our partner deer e-carsharing, with whom we have already participated in the ENCW Black Forest electric car rally, will also be on site with vehicles and will be able to answer any questions you may have. Alongside the exhibition of electric vehicles on our parking lot and the presentation, three booths will continue to provide an invitation for conversation and cool drinks while giving a fresh impetus to the showcases.


IE2S – Started at the beginning of the year as a cooperative effort between transmission network operator TransnetBW and MHP, IE2S has already garnered an excellent response on the market. For our IE2S experts, electromobility doesn't just end at the charging station: they have network infrastructure firmly in their sights. As such, MHP colleagues are already actively helping to design the energy transformation by filling strategic roles for large grid expansion projects themselves. Expertise on the topics of Vehicle2Grid, charging infrastructure, smart meters and much more can already be synthesized and introduced in a project-based manner. In the process, we take the entire ecosystem into consideration at all times – the smart city or the smart region.

On this day, our cooperation partner TransnetBW will also be on-site with a booth, providing insight into the responsibilities of a transmission network operator.


As organizer, the German Federal Association of the Energy and Water Industry (BDEW) supports the electromobility promotion day "Journey into the green". With the focus on sustainable, efficient and reliable energy supply, the organization is also open for companies from the areas of digitalization and mobility. With the promotion day, the BDEW is offering partner companies the possibility to present the roles they occupy in the transformational process. And of course, along with cooperation partner TransnetBW and the joint cooperation Intelligent Energy System Services (IE2S), MHP will also be there.

Come and visit us on September 6 between 2:00pm and 5:00pm at our MHPOffice in the "Film- und Medienzentrum" in Ludwigsburg (near Stuttgart). An exciting marketplace with innovative solutions awaits you in the winter garden.


Beginn: 14:00 (CET)
Ende: 17:00 (CET)

Language: German


Digital event


Film- und Medienzentrum
Königsallee 49
71638 Ludwigsburg