MHP forum: RFID in the automotive sector


Different perspectives on the transparent prototype!

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The automatic detection of objects allows for reliable transparency. This can be used in real time to intervene in order to appropriately control and correct ongoing processes. The automatic detection significantly reduces the manual expenditure and generates reliable results.

RFID technology allows users to break the mould, but at the same time presents them with new challenges. The added value can only be achieved where RFID technology is used in a standardised manner and where the focus is the business process. The processes in the area of prototypes seem predestined for testing suitable approaches and realising further development in the direction of series-production applications. The use of these approaches, particularly in the area of component detection, is the topic of our MHP forum.

What awaits you:

  • We will present a neutral view of the current standardisation endeavours and explain the challenges of this cross-sectional technology.
  • Customers will present their solutions, the application focus in this case being construction status validation in the "transparent prototype".
  • You can learn about the results from the VDA ad-hoc work group

5509 "RFID for tracing parts and components in vehicle development".

  • You can form your own opinion via the provided demo installations and prototypes.
  • You can exchange experiences with experts and discuss with decision-makers from different companies about the current challenges.

Target group:

The participants of the forum are decision-makers from production and transport logistics, component and development suppliers as well as logistics service providers in the automotive industry. You want to discuss your solutions and ideas with us and the other participants as well as learn about the possibilities, which will be opened up to you thanks to this technology.

Seminar fee:

€195 plus 19% VAT.

We look forward to meeting you at the forum!


Beginn: 12:30 (CET)
Ende: 17:30 (CET)



Face-to-face event


Schlossgut Harteneck, Gemsenbergstraße, 71640 Ludwigsburg