MHP forum: Efficient Corporate Planning


Flexibility and process reliability for your planning processes!

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You and your company are about to introduce a planning application and have decided in favour of a solution with products from SAP or IBM Cognos? The product portfolios offer you several recognised products for implementing your requirements: SAP Integrated Planning (IP) and SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) as well as IBM Cognos TM1. The products stand out from each other, in each case, due their different characteristics and solution processes.

You must consider the involved processes, by weighing up the requirements and application scenarios in comparison to the design options for the respective product, in addition to evaluating the respective product in order to select the ideal product for your application.

MHP will help you to make the right decision, in this connection, and provide information on how to optimally use the presented product solution. We will provide you with an overview on the characteristics of the mentioned tools rounded off by an online system demonstration using sample application cases from our customer references.

What awaits you:

  • We will provide you with an overview on the range of services offered by SAP BPC 10.0, SAP Integrated Planning and IBM Cognos TM1.
  • We will demonstrate the solution approaches and strategies of the planning tools in our MHP demo system in the form of practical examples and experiences from several MHP customer projects – don't hesitate if you have any queries in relation to what is presented!
  • We explain the current roadmap of SAP and IBM for the presented planning tools using the latest information, which is hot off the presses!
  • You can exchange experiences with experts and discuss with decision-makers from other companies about current challenges.

Target group:

The forum participants are decision-makers from the areas of controlling and finances as well the IT representatives responsible for the associated topics, who will discuss their solutions and ideas with us and the other participants and want to learn about the opportunities, which will be opened up to them thanks to this technology. We look forward to meeting you at the forum!


Beginn: 13:30 (CET)
Ende: 17:15 (CET)



Face-to-face event


MHPOffice Regensdorf/ Zürich, Althardtstrasse 80, 5. OG, Raum 6, CH-8105 Regensdorf