Lean production – It's the people involved that make a difference

06/18/2013 MHPForum

After Work Event – Inceptus and MHP

Lean production started in the production sites of the automotive industry, where it became a success story. It was quickly apparent that huge cost savings could be made and productivity further increased. This success story didn't just stop there. Lean production can, as a result, be found nowadays in product development, procurement and sales, logistics etc. both in the industry and recently, increasingly, in service provision.

The "lean" means much more that just process optimisation when you consider the guiding principle of James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones: "Lean production "fuses" all functions from top management via the employees through to the suppliers into an integrated ensemble, which can respond quickly and efficiently to customer requirements in the market. It can double productivity, improve quality and at the same time keep costs at a low level."

The introduction of lean production necessitates a fundamental change in corporate philosophy. The involved persons play a key role in this connection. It is not enough, if employees just carry out their work in an OK manner without querying the how/what behind it all. No, they need to learn to think for themselves, how to question things, assume responsibility. Active, motivated teamplayers are required on all hierarchial levels. This is not something that can be achieved at the press of a button. For this reason, the following distinctive features must be taken into account: In addition to a professional, methodical approach, you need to find the right balance between processes with their requirements and people and their behaviour. This often proves difficult in practice; as a result, such plans often fail, even though the processes and supporting instruments are functioning  – at least on paper – perfectly.

At this after-work event, we will report "live" from practice with regard to how lean production was successfully introduced into a SME, which is a subsidiary of the Siemens group. 3 process and change experts will provide you with a detailed overview as to what it really comes down to when it comes to the successful introduction of lean production.

In addition to three interesting talks, the topics related to lean production and the people involved will be discussed in detail as part of a podium discussion. Questions will also be taken from the audience.

You would like to get new ideas, meet people with similar tasks, have pressing questions answered by experts? Then come to our after-work event! We are looking forward to an interesting evening!



Beginn: 16:45 (CET)
Ende: 19:15 (CET)

Language: German


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