Integrated Business Planning

05/19/2020 MHPDeepDive

Did you already plan the Uncertainty in your Plans?

Everyone is familiar with the idea of a worst case scenario. But only very few companies actually have any experience of one. And that can quickly become a big disadvantage, as is currently apparent: The COVID-19 crisis, for example, is resulting in the breakdown of global supply networks and a drop in demand worldwide. Both these developments are leading to companies reducing, or even completely discontinuing, their production. Whoever is able to react flexibly to such crises and their effects on society and the economy, has a significant advantage when things get serious. For he does not first need to analyze the situation in order to take suitable measures. Because he has everything ready, he can start immediately. However, so far this is the exception, for corporate planning is still frequently carried out manually, supported just by an Excel table.

Whereas if specific planning solutions are implemented that are incorporated into the existing IT system, integrated corporate planning can be achieved. This makes it possible to simulate various worst case scenarios – for example bottlenecks with regard to material, production or liquidity – and to test alternative actions. This means that companies maintain greater transparency regarding the possible consequences of changing external and internal variables. This is the precondition for safeguarding a company's activities in good time, and for being able to quickly make the right decisions in a crisis.

In our MHPTuesdayTalk, we want to exchange opinions and ideas with you directly on what added value an integrated corporate planning process means for you. What technological preconditions must be met, and what you can specifically optimize. For this purpose we will first provide valuable impulses. We will then answer your questions, discuss your evaluations and analyze your experiences.

In our MHPTuesdayTalk:

  • Our moderators will introduce themselves
  • Our moderators will present the topic, provide impulses and highlight the proven procedure of MHP
  • You can exchange ideas and opinions in our MHPCommunity


Markus Haenssler
Associated Partner, MHP

Holger Mergner
Associated Partner, MHP

Stefan Grimm
Associated Partner, MHP

Christoph Seite
Senior Manager, MHP


Beginn: 08:30 (CET)
Ende: 09:15 (CET)

Language: German