Holistic planning along the entire supply chain with SAP

02/04/2021 MHPDeepDive

From sales via production to procurement

Overall company planning and simulation along the supply chain is becoming an increasingly great challenge in our VUCA world. This was the case even before the corona crisis. However, the pandemic has again emphatically shown how volatile sales and procurement are. Nevertheless, planning remains important. In fact, its importance is even increasing. For in future, an agile and resilient supply chain will be a significant competitive advantage. Anyone who remains capable of action in every situation strengthens customer loyalty and opens up new sales opportunities. In order to ensure that all of this is successful, the planning must meet certain requirements: It must be holistic and integrated.

But in actual fact, it is not. Planning often takes place using a whole series of tools in the individual specialist departments which exchange their data only to a limited extent. And which, above all, do not follow a common strategy. In order to change this, we have developed a leading practice approach, with which companies can implement an overall concept for their planning: from the strategy and processes to the IT. The two technological core components are SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) for the tactical planning and SAP S/4HANA embedded Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling for the operational planning.

In our MHPDeepDive "Holistic planning along the entire supply chain with SAP", we will demonstrate how optimal interaction between the two solutions can be achieved. Furthermore, we will present our leading practice approach in detail and show you how you can benefit from holistic and integrated planning.

What awaits you in our MHPDeepDive:

  • We will illustrate why holistic and integrated planning is so important.
  • We will familiarize you with our leading practice approach and show how you can thus achieve an overall concept for your planning, as well as benefit from the great potential of digitalization.
  • You will find out about an effective and efficient approach for the interlinking of SAP IBP and SAP S/4HANA (with embedded Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling).


Steffen Franz
Associated Partner and Head of Business Area Advanced Business Planning, MHP


Beginn: 11:00 (CET)
Ende: 11:30 (CET)

Language: German