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Smart factory now! MHP at the HANOVER TRADE FAIR CENTER

Machines and plant, vehicles and tools act completely independently on the shop floor and make decisions autonomously - humans must only monitor the production process. Everything is more efficient and flexible.
This is - thought through consistently - the vision of Industry 4.0. However, the smart factory is not yet reality.

Although companies have in recent years initiated their first digitalization projects in production, so far, precisely with regard to autonomy, not much has happened. And this is no surprise. For even if the technologies are available, first there must be the will to transfer competence from the human to the machine.

At the HANOVER TRADE FAIR CENTER, we will show - as an integrator for processes and IT architecture - how companies can, step by step, make a smart factory reality.

The central idea: Instead of changing everything in one go with a big-bang approach, companies should pass through four phases, each of which creates added value, finally resulting in data-driven, dynamic production.

  • Standardization of machine connection
  • Creation of a service-oriented machine architecture
  • Linking of production with other specialist departments
  • Implementation of algorithmic production

We will present what this might look like in practice together with our partner Serva, a leading provider of driverless transport vehicles (DTVs). You can experience the DTVs live in action at the trade fair stand. The key here: An integrated manufacturing execution system controls production and logistics holistically - and thus also the DTVs.

From our MHP experts at the SAP Partner Stand, you will find out:

  • What added value a smart factory means for your company
  • How you can establish dynamic and data-driven production step by step
  • How you can implement a closed-loop manufacturing approach
  • What technologies are available for this purpose and how you can make the right choice
  • How MHP will support you with all the holistic consulting and with the integration of the processes and the system landscape

Arranging appointments with our experts

Here you can make an appointment with us at the stand.

Our presentations

In addition to the trade fair appearance, two MHP colleagues will give interesting presentations during the SAP Live Forum in Hall 7, Stand A02. On 24.04.2018 at 10:30, Jens Fath will provide insights into "Closed Loop Manufacturing as a base for innovative and integrated processes". One day later, on 25.04.2018 at 15:00, Michael Nibler will talk about "Agile architecture – an approach to forward digitized manufacturing".

Jens Fath
Associated Partner | Digital Supply Chain Solutions


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Michael Nibler
Senior Consultant | Digital Supply Chain Solutions


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Visit us at our SAP Partner Stand in Hall 7!


Beginn: 04/23/2018, 09:00 (CET)
Ende: 04/27/2018, 18:00 (CET)

Language: German


Face-to-face event


Deutsche Messe
SAP-Partnerstand (Hall 7, Stand A02)
30521 Hannover