Future of Work

05/20/2021 MHPDeepDive

Home & Office – How to combine the best of both worlds

Perhaps the most important question of all in the working world: What will happen to us and our company next year? The year after? In five years? An answer seems to be difficult or even impossible. But companies and authorities must react, they should gain insights and derive strategies from the current crisis, so that the new normal becomes better. Valuable experience from the past will thus not be lost.

In recent years, a lot has happened: Various work models have become established, ways of working and activities have gradually changed. This can be attributed to, among other things, increasing digitalization and the growing need of employees for more creative scope in their working world. They can thus work more and more independently of time and place.

With the pandemic and its impact as a catalyst, the digitalization of work has again picked up speed. Within a very short time, many companies and organizations have had to partially or completely change over to remote and thus at the same time also flexible working models. However, there is still some uncertainty with regard to implementation, in particular where it involves finding the right mixture of remote and face-to-face work for carrying out "daily business", or meetings taking into consideration, among other things, strategy and culture, as well as quality and employee claims.

So what does the new, better normal of the future look like? How do companies and authorities manage to react dynamically and at the same time vigorously to huge global challenges? A review of the conditions also permits a better understanding of basic aspects within the current organizational landscape. For example, who in the company makes decisions? The controllers? The financial officers? The HR manager? Or the organizational developers? Perhaps even in association with the head of the innovation department? If so, why? And what does it mean to enable an organization to become more robust, to promote innovations and learn from the mistakes of the past?

We will explain how all of this can work, and why a good approach is relevant, in our MHPDeepDive "Future of Work". We will present our forecasts for the working world of the future, discuss with you what matters now, and underpin this with a series of practical examples and some recommendations.

What awaits you in our MHPDeepDive:

  • You will find out why the topic of the "Future of Work" is more relevant than ever.
  • We will discuss with you what matters now.
  • We will give you practical examples and present approaches and experience.


Thomas Spantig
Senior Manager, Organizational Consultancy, MHP

Stephan Anpalagan
Manager, Consultancy for New Work, MHP


Beginn: 11:00 (CET)
Ende: 11:45 (CET)

Language: German