Fast Forward Day


Speed up your career...! Have a look behind the scenes at MHP

What can I expect…?

We want to give students and graduates the opportunity to get to know, in a non-binding manner, the consultancy sector and MHP as a potential future employer.

The participants will be able to get an idea of what a consultant role actually involves and the challenges they face during real customer projects.

The exchange in face2face discussions with colleagues is, naturally, to the fore in this connection.

At a glance

  • Get to know the day-to-day work at MHP via exchanges with students and employees
  • Experience the reality of what customer projects involve in the guided tour
  • Learn about the entry-level career opportunities at MHP
  • Take part in our team challenge
  • Exchange ideas with consultants
  • Avail of the opportunity of a face2face meeting
  • Speed up your career… with MHP!

Event information

Start: 13:00 (CET)
End: 18:00 (CET)

Language: German

Event form

Face-to-face event

Event location

12.04. Ludwigsburg
19.04. Wolfsburg