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04/28/2020 MHPDeepDive

A virtual showroom in times of distance

We can currently see very clearly just how valuable a digital world is for us: Digital technologies are not only making it possible for us to do our jobs from home. They are also providing us with films and music, or allowing us to learn new things in many different ways. And, of course, we can also go shopping in the digital world. We have already made plenty of use of these options. However, even if many online shops today are really good, in the long term they do not provide the direct experience that we desire. At least, not until now.

But that can change. And with the help of elastic content. This innovative approach raises augmented, virtual and mixed reality applications to the next level, thus making possible a virtual showroom that provides a breathtaking customer experience: Your customers can experience their desired vehicles close up, from all perspectives and in every detail. They can steer the roadster, the coupé or the sedan on winding mountain roads, along the coast or against a city skyline by night.

It's almost better than in real life!

In our MHPTuesdayTalk, we want to exchange ideas and opinions with you directly: On what opportunities immersive technologies offer for impressing customers and impressing them with your own products. What challenges this involves. And what already now are the best practices. For this purpose, we will first provide impulses and highlight the best practices. We will then answer your questions, discuss your evaluations and analyze your experiences. We are convinced: An open debate with people who share your passion for marketing and sales and are interested in the same topics and face the same challenges is extremely valuable.

In our MHPTuesdayTalk:

  • Our moderators will introduce themselves
  • Our moderators will present the topic, provide impulses and highlight the best practices
  • You can exchange ideas and opinions in our MHPCommunity


Stephan Baier
Associated Partner, MHP

Ralf Kick
Senior Manager, MHP


Beginn: 08:30 (CET)
Ende: 09:15 (CET)

Language: German