Digital Transformation with K2

10/24/2017 MHPDeepDive

Starting signal into the digital process future

IoT, Industry 4.0, Shop-Floor 4.0 - There's a lot of talk about digitalization. However, the administrative and operational processes are mostly being left out, receiving hardly any attention, and are not being associated with technical innovations. And all this despite the fact that they have enormous potential for digitalizing internal processes and making them more user-centered.

With an innovative platform such as K2, the most diverse solutions can be implemented effectively and efficiently. Integration into various systems achieved simply. And with the Low-Code approach, which is made possible by the K2 platform, one comes very close to the idea of the "Citizen Developer".

In our MHPPitstop „Digital Transformation with K2“, we will show you how you can use this innovative platform to simply and rapidly digitalize the most diverse processes.

This MHPpitstop will be concerned with the following themes, among others:

  • K2: What can the platform do and how does it ensure added value in the company?
  • Low-Code: How does this program approach contribute to the company's success?
  • Starting signal: How can the digitalization of administrative processes be best approached?
  • Merging: How can data from SAP and Microsoft be merged and used innovatively?

Alexander Barth
Senior Manager | Big Data & IoT Technologies

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Beginn: 13:00 (CET)
Ende: 13:30 (CET)

Language: German