Data Quality

01.07.2014 MHPDeepDive

New Challenges in the BIG DATA Environment!

Every company is reliant on reliable and dependable data, which is why information acquisition and use is of prime importance. Data quality management was previously a marginal issue, especially since the data warehouse solutions in use followed strict modelling architectures. But what is the situation now, when we have to deal with exploding data from very flexible data sources? Are the results still then reliable? MHP accepts this challenge and gives answers.

What to expect in this web session:

•    Definition of Data Quality Management
•    Data Quality an essential element of Data Governance
•    Valid and reliable data in the BIG DATA environment - how to back up
•    Data Quality Management - what must be done?
•    Methodological and technological outlook

Bruce Jeong
Senior Manager at MHP
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Start: 13:00 (CET)
End: 14:00 (CET)

Language: German

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