Conversational AI for Customer Experience

02/11/2021 MHPDeepDive

Digital assistants improve the customer experience

Already for some years, the customer journey has been increasingly moving from offline to online. Due to the current crisis, this development has again gained momentum: More is now purchased online, even products that were previously bought almost exclusively in stationary retail. Furthermore, the need is increasing for communication that is independent of time and place. However, in order to provide a good customer experience in the various digital channels similar to that at the analogue POS, in addition to the appropriate information the direct exchange of ideas and opinions with customers is essential.

This has meanwhile led to the development of a special discipline known as Conversational Commerce, which means nothing other than the interaction between user and company via chat forums, messenger services or other (language) interfaces. However, this also means that direct communication is possible at any time as required at any touchpoint. And this is where direct, personal communication reaches its limits, because this variant results in comparably high costs and limited capacities. The use of digital assistants is therefore worthwhile. They contribute significantly to providing customers with the right information at the right time and creating a consistently positive customer experience. A central element is artificial intelligence (AI) and its sub-components such as natural language processing (NLP), as well as machine learning. In order to achieve AI-based Conversational Commerce, companies need a holistic approach. For this purpose, clear targets and strategies should be defined and the focus placed on use cases that are of value to the customer. In accordance with the motto: Start small, think big.

In our MHPDeepDive "Conversational AI for Customer Experience", we will show how customer experiences can be improved with AI-based Conversational Commerce. You will gain an insight into the development of NLP solutions that contribute to improved conversational AI. And we will present an exemplary conversational AI architecture in the cloud.

What awaits you in our MHPDeepDive:

  • We will examine the current challenges in the area of customer experience, and how Conversational Commerce can contribute to an improved customer experience.
  • You will gain an insight into NLP solutions that lead to optimized conversational AI.
  • We will present an exemplary conversational AI architecture in the cloud and explain how relevant a high-quality database is.


  • Ramona Scheibe
    Senior Consultant, Customer Experience Strategies, MHP
  • Sedi Oben-Torks
    Consultant, Big Data & IoT Technologies, MHP
  • Visaka Kao
    Consultant, Big Data & IoT Technologies, MHP


Beginn: 11:00 (CET)
Ende: 11:30 (CET)

Language: German