CMTO Advisory

04/25/2019 MHPDeepDive

The Rise of the Chief Marketing Technology Officer

The digital transformation requires a radical change in marketing. In this connection, the Chief Marketing Technology Officer (CMTO) uses strategic, technological, marketing and analytical expertise in order to support companies in using and processing the huge quantities of customer and market data from such diverse sources as competitor information, web analyses, customer databases, marketing campaigns and trends in social medial. In doing so, he concentrates not only on the soft and creative side on which the Marketing Chief Officer (CMO) traditionally focuses. He links the worlds of marketing (CMO), information data (CIO) and technology (CTO). Research shows that in future the roles of CMOs and CTOs will increasingly merge.

In our MHPDeepDive „CMTO Advisory“, we will show you that, in addition to the procurement and administration of technology elements, the CMTO is commissioned with implementing coordinated and measurable marketing campaigns across several channels.

This MHPDeepDive will be concerned with the following themes, among others:

  • The increasing role of technology in marketing
  • Technology adaptation: CMTOs influence the technology purchases of a company
  • CMTOs are more strategic than tactical: Marketing managers are not only expected to be technically more competent
  • Marketing managers: 10 practical scenarios in which a CMTO would be valuable or necessary
  • What does the transition mean in marketing organizations?


Michael Schemel
Manager | Customer Experience Digital Solutions

Johann Kormann
Senior Consultant | Customer Experience Digital Solutions

Presentation from 25th April 2019

Video from 25th April 2019


Beginn: 11:00 (CET)
Ende: 11:30 (CET)

Language: German