Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Advantages of a cloud

05/28/2020 MHPDeepDive

How you can ensure a flexible IT infrastructure with the cloud platform

The current situation regarding COVID-19 is putting practically everything into question – including the demands made of the IT infrastructure in companies. This is above all because many employees are currently working from home and accessing applications online. Instead of the usual 50 users, all at once now 500 users are logging in. Computer capacities then quickly reach their limits. This is particularly problematic for companies that operate their own hardware and rely on on-premise solutions. To be sure, they can shift to fixed resources from their computing center that are actually reserved for production but are not currently required. However, under certain circumstances this involves considerable effort and takes time.

If companies want to expand their IT infrastructure at short notice and make additional fail-safe capacities available in real time, they can also decide on a cloud solution. This offers the required flexibility, especially in volatile times – the capacities need can be arranged individually and relatively quickly, and scaled according to requirements. Furthermore, the changeover to a cloud is also worthwhile in the long term, because only the costs for actually used capacities are incurred.

In our view, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform is especially convincing. In contrast to other solutions, AWS offers a large number of services with extensive functions that are made available in computing centers spread around the world. Further benefits are low latency, a high throughput and a redundant network. For companies, this results in two advantages: They can purchase resources fast and according to their requirements. And they reduce their costs, because they only pay for capacities that are actually used – for example, no money is charged in event of production stoppages at weekends.

In our MHPDeepDive "Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Advantages of a cloud", we will show you how you can react to the current challenges of the coronavirus crisis using AWS. We will also familiarize you with how the cloud platform can support you permanently.

What awaits you in our MHPDeepDive:

  • You will find out what advantages cloud platforms – in particular Amazon Web Services (AWS) – offer in the current situation
  • You will learn how you can deal with the current challenges using AWS
  • We will show you what the typical cloud adoption of a company looks like


Christian Suchan
Senior Manager, MHP


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